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  • Carnival

    Barcelona During Carnival

    Carnival season is right around the corner and many of you might immediately think of the colorful festivity in Rio de Janeiro. However, there is no need to travel that far away because carnival can also be found in Barcelona. If there is something the Catalans …

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  • Valentines Day

    Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

    Valentines Day is coming up soon! For some this is a lovely day together, for others a period full of stress. What should I get? What can we do? We have some ideas for you. We offer a range of activities that can adapt to anyone. Start your day …

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  • Barcelona Half Marathon

    Barcelona Running Events

    Barcelona is a great city for sports, especially for running and because of this the city organizes a variety of different running events in the city. These events attract runners from all over Spain and some even from all over the world. Below we have summed up some of the most …

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